Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Episode 8 Review: Bewitching Fragrance of Blood


Last week’s episode left off with Tanjiro in a rather conflicting situation. Caught between the demon who killed his family and a new rogue Demon Slayer Merch, Tanjiro makes a hard choice. But while Tanjiro didn’t get a chance for revenge, he did make a significant step towards finding a cure for Nezuko.

Tanjiro leaps into action to help the poor guy who was turned into a demon by Muzan. The local police try to intervene and a strange woman comes to Tanjiro’s rescue. The woman is also a demon and works as a doctor. She and her attendant are working on a cure to help turn demons back to human. Tanjiro happily agrees to help collect demon blood for their research. And he’ll get the chance to make good on this promise, with two demon underlings of Muzan attacking the clinic soon after.

Episode Highlights

What you don’t know, can hurt you: One small point of confusion I’ve had during this series is how well-known demons are in the world. In the first episode a man warns Tanjiro about demons, but the way it is presented seems more like an old folktale. In this episode the police that try to restrain the changed man comment on his eyes and look but don’t seem to recognize what he’s become. If demons aren’t seen as being real, I guess that makes the threat of them even more nefarious, as people don’t go out of their way to defend against them.

U-don forget about the Udon: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one upset about the wasted udon. The vendor was also not pleased to see his beautiful meal thrown away. Thankfully Tanjiro made up for it by happily eating two bowls of udon. Is there a rule that shounen protagonists must have huge appetites?  

An Eyesore!?: Dear me, someone needs to get their eyes checked. I was just as shocked as Tanjiro when Yushiro called sweet Nezuko an eyesore. Although it did give another great scene of Tanjiro going into overprotective brother mode.

Red Sword: It seems that my musing (and that of many other fans) on the relationship between Tanjiro and Muzan could be correct. In a flashback, Muzan is shown having been defeated by a man that looks like Tanjiro with a red sword. You may remember in Episode 5, Haganezuka was hoping Tanjiro’s sword would turn red. As Muzan is probably hundreds, if not thousands of years old, the man in the flashback could be Tanjiro’s ancestor.

Themes & Trivia

Temari Weapon: One of the new demons this episode has an interesting weapon, a temari (手まり) which literally translates as ‘hand ball’. Temari was traditionally used as toys for young girls but later became more of an art form. Balls are skilfully made with unique patterns and wrappings, and official artisans of temari must complete special training.